Welcome to

The City of Monsters

Oddities and outcasts need a home of their own, and we provide one for those in need of it. In The City of Monsters, It's not what you are, but who you are that matters to us.

It isn't easy being an outcast in Eorzea.

Though this world generally calls itself accepting, oddities will always be frowned upon. That's where we come in.This Free Company is home to 'Monsters with Morals', outcasts, and those who accept living among both. You don't have to be an oddity to join us, but you do have to posses strong morals and be accepting of the odd ones.Sure, we employ pirates, mercenaries, and other 'unsavories' but they have agreed to not attack innocent people. We fight against the evils of Eorzea, against those who wish to create destruction & death.However, it isn't all bite and fight. We also have many skilled crafters, merchants, and scholars. There's tons of ways for someone to contribute to this city!So what do you say? Just don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Want to join us?

The City of Monsters (Crystal-Mateus) is an 21+ Free Company that focuses on two types of roleplay:(1) Mature & Dark Themes
(2) Party & Slice of Life (with monster quirks).
We accept:
(1) Everyday people open to oddities
(2) Outcasts
(3) Beastmen
(4) Void-Touched & Voidsent (Lore-abiding vampires welcome!)
(5) Any manner of free-willed monster
Please note that your character must behave in cities & be morally sound toward innocents. Unless they are a recurring plot character (in which case you can't participate in party/slice of life roleplay, only battle roleplay), we are an antihero-esque & civilian FC.Please do not come in on a supposed righteous character and act like an asshole! There are guards that will fight to defend the people here.This is an OPEN ROLEPLAY HUB for monsters & friends/family of monsters. You must follow the in character city rules as an FC member or visitor:
1. Respect others; attacks are not tolerated.
2. No biting without permission.
3. Do not steal from the cities, residents, or visitors.
4. Prying for information is not allowed.
5. Evil-doers are not tolerated! Attacks on innocents are very much not allowed.
6. ANYONE can visit so long as they respect the oddities in the city--you don't need to be one yourself.


In-game: Fa'llynn Aetherpyre
Discord: Desastr#6423

Free Company Benefits

  • Level 30

  • Consistent Buffs (Heat of Battle II, Reduced Rates II, Jackpot II (Saturdays). These buffs can change upon request!

  • OUR CITY HAS BEEN BUILT! We have a large house in Ishgard: Mateus, Empyreum Ward 10, plot 60!

  • Click on the gallery images to enlarge them!

  • Multiple Omicrafters with recipe books unlocked

OOC Information

(1) This free company's primary focus is roleplay(2) We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community.(3) This community is meant to be comfortable for its members, meaning we will not tolerate toxic behavior. We have a NO TOLERANCE, one-strike policy on this.(4) We abide by lore; Final Fantasy has a rich variety of lore and magic that is ever-shifting. If your backstory makes sense, you are free to play the character so long as they are not overpowered.(5) There will be a trial period for RP to see if you fit. You can attend our weekly event and see if you connect with our characters when learning about the city. This applies to OOC, where you will join the discord and see if you fit with the community as well.(6) This is an 21+ FC, no minors allowed.(7) There will be mature/dark plotlines in this FC.(8) There will also be lighthearted/hangout plotlines in this FC.(9) Roleplayers are encouraged to discuss stories/plots they would like to start.(10) We are open for multi-FC roleplay.(11) You are required to join our discord.(12) Typical roleplay events occur on Sundays! Time can vary, but usually afternoon-evening Central Time.

If interested, contact Desastr#6423 via discord or message the recruiter in game! You can also contact via TWITTER.